Beginning at the Indigenous Comic Con in 2016, IPX has become a full downtown festival.  Explore Native cuisine, pop art, technology, games, music, film and television and much more!


Guests have the chance to explore and interact with Native American and Indigenous cultures in dynamic and exciting ways the bust myths and shatter expectations.



The first of its kind event, the Indigenous Pop Culture Expo looks to showcase Native American and Indigenous creatives and communities in a way that dispels the mythologies that Natives are a people of the past.  Rather we seek to show Native identity in all its past, present, and future glory!

You can kick off your time at the Innovation ABQ (Futurisms Days) where we will feature imaginative and dynamic technology, games, and Indigenous futurisms.  Our Food & Health Zone (located at Three Sisters Kitchen) will showcase three incredible Native and Indigenous chefs, as well as workshops and demos around health and sustainability.  The Indigenous Comic Con is our flagship event where you can shop, learn, and interact with some of the best pop culture artists in the country as well as Native celebrities from around the world!


The networking parties are scattered throughout the week are a great chance to mingle with friends and guests, listen to great music and great stories, and have a fun time.

Everyone is welcome at the Expo!