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Call for Proposals! IPX ABQ 20

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Now accepting proposals for IndigiPop X 2020!

The theme this year is Imagination to Action. How do we take the ideas and perspectives that come from science fiction, fantasy, and futurisms and develop them into sustainable solutions for Indigenous communities around the world? How do we build upon tradition in a way that brings the present and future to bear? What are the advancements in technology that align with creativity and cultural values? And how can our thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs draw from the fantastic worlds and creations to envision positive community change?

All these questions and more are what we are looking to address with this year's Indigenous Pop X. Our submission period is open to bring in multiple visions, ideas, thoughts, and experiences that can help us build a world of wonder for Native and Indigenous communities. We are specifically looking for workshops (engaging audiences in action, i.e. creating things, working with attendees on developing ideas that they can walk away with), presentations (presenting on bold ideas and ways to spork conversation) and panels (a group of thinkers bringing ideas forward on a specific topic).

We ask that each presentation proposal be thoughtful and thought-provoking. Proposals will be evaluated on how clearly they align with the theme for the year and what "wow-factor" the proposal brings to help us create our world of wonder.

There are two opportunities to present. You can choose either the Indigenous Futurisms Days (March 25 & 26) or the Indigenous Comic Con (March 27 - 29). You do not need to be present for the entire expo but we highly encourage presenters to make arrangements to be a part of either (or both) sections. We will accept multiple submissions (each submission must be unique) and encourage teams and panels that can be organized around a central theme or idea.

The Futurisms Days will focus on Indigenous Futurisms (as defined and illustrated by Grace Dillon) and how future imaginings can lead to action. We have a specific sub-focus on Indigenous Entrepreneurship and how individuals and communities and synthesize technology and tradition, culture and creativity.

Proposals are due: January 12th, 2020 (end of day).

Acceptance Announcement: Jan 19, 2020

We will notify all presenters by email. Upon acceptance, presenters must be willing to purchase tickets and thereby confirm attendance. Accepted presenters will be given a significant discount for tickets.

Accepted must confirm attendance by purchasing tickets no later than: February 15, 2020. If tickets have not been purchased, presentation may be dropped from the schedule.

*Note" we realize plans can change and Presenter tickets can be transferred to other presenters should the need arise.

If you have further questions on proposals and presentation requirements, please contact Aaron Cuffee, Event Manager, at

We look forward to seeing your proposals and have a great day!

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